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It can be related to the face, chest/stomach, back, and pubic area. Many women have similar tastes when it comes to body hair.

While men may have their own preferences when it comes to their body hair, women have preferences about what hair they like on men, and what hair should just be gotten rid of completely. However, everybody is different; some women love one type of appearance, and loathe another.

Probably around the springtime, although I've spent months on and off in the past not shaving as well.Ah, the age old question: does she really like your body hair as much as you? We surveyed the fairer sex and have all the answers for you right here. So, does body hair really detract from what women want to look at on a man? “We’re expected to keep things clean down there and guys should also. “It can hurt other parts of the body, too.” Hairy guys take note, be careful when you’re down there…You might be the type of hairy guy who feels like a caveman if you don’t trim your chest regularly, or you could be the type of guy that growing a beard is like hitting jackpot at the casino. Keep that shit under control,” says Natasha Field (27). Alright, we’ve had about enough of the ‘beard bashing’ damn it!Either way, we hope you’ve learned how to embrace your body hair scenario because there’s likely not much if anything, you can (organically) do at this point. For some of you, being completely shaven is a very unnatural feeling and can even be a bit of an “age indicator” for some women.But is your girlfriend on the same bandwagon as you? “I personally like a little body and facial hair—scruff if you will.