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star, who is expecting a son with husband Grant Turnbull in May, celebrated the upcoming addition with a Cinco de Mayo-themed shower on Saturday.

The Ferrari Enzo, Maclaren SLR, Porsche Carrera GT, Lambourghini Murcielago, Saleen S7, Ford GT 340, and the list goes on! Don’t know when it’s coming out in theaters yet, but I’ll let you know.

In Louisiana State Attorney General's Office, Eboni was assigned to the Executive division to conduct research for Housing & Urban Development Executive Orders resulting from Hurricane Katrina being a law clerk for six months. in May and was responsible for firm's District Court and Traffic Court practice.

Then for another four months, she worked as a summer associate in Mc Craine Sistrunk Anzelmo Hardy Maxwell & Mc Daniel PC. Williams then became a teaching assistant at Loyola University College of Law and reviewed and graded various writing assignments, assisted students, and Professor during classroom instruction. There, is an associate attorney, she worked with a senior partner in Superior Court trials and pleaded bargain strategy and client development.

Gay fans by and large became very attached to the storyline, though some audience members, especially lesbians, were frustrated and at times angered by the lack of physicality producers allowed to be shown on air between Chappell’s Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera, her ostensible lover played by Jessica Leccia.

Chappell remarks, “I too, was a little frustrated at the end of with the limitations of the two characters. I would have wanted to take things to a different place.” Independently and together, as Chappell explains it, she and Turrisi came to the realization that, ”The only place I could have the freedom to make those decisions and have it come to fruition is on the Web.