Not intimidating

FOLLOWING A LENGTHY trial that lasted eight weeks and then jury deliberations of just a few hours, the six Jobstown defendants have been found not guilty of the false imprisonment of the former Tánaiste, Joan Burton, and her adviser, Karen O’Connell.

Before considering the outcome and its wider implications, it is worth congratulating the real heroes in this matter: the members of the jury who put their professional and personal lives on hold for many days to fulfil their civic duty.

But I love writing about Chicago, and I love being there and imagining lives in Chicago.Chaotic and frenzied It would be almost impossible for any outsider, who was unaware of the context and unfamiliar with the protagonists, not to be disturbed after seeing a video of these events. That said, the jury was able to swiftly determine that the conduct on display did not rise to the level of false imprisonment, ie, the total (key word) restraint or deprivation of a person’s liberty through an intentional or reckless act.In hindsight, the prosecution overcharged the defendants and likely could have garnered a conviction on a lesser charge(s).Don't be shy or feel intimidated by the experience.You may face some unexpected criticism, but be prepared for it with confidence.