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The concept was reminiscent of old-time radio shows like The Jack Benny Program, where the star struggled to put on a weekly show amidst personal problems and an often uncooperative cast. The show's orchestra was conducted by Nigel, and musical acts ranged from solo musicians such as Rowlf the Dog to the show's main rock and roll band, Dr. Because it was a puppet show, The Muppet Show had the advantage of being able to include an endless array of characters with only a small number of performers.

Kermit the Frog serves as the host of The Muppet Show, and was also the director and general overseer of the performances, assisted by Scooter, the gofer who only got his job because his uncle, J. Aside from the aforementioned characters, recurring figures included self-appointed censor Sam the Eagle, who tried to make the show more cultural; Camilla the Chicken, Gonzo's girlfriend; Robin the Frog, Kermit's nephew; and Link Hogthrob, the captain of the Swinetrek in the "Pigs in Space" skits, among others.

[Phone Dialing] [Phone Ring] [Adina:] Hello [Jamie:] Yo, what's up this is Jamie, what you doing? Thinking bout the things I like to do (I like to do) I'm open wide when it comes to freakin you (freakin you).Part calendar, part encyclopedia of nautical fact, fiction, and folklore.Both entertaining and a valuable reference, each annual edition has become a collectors item.On every right-hand page is a week of days, with the nautical significance of each explored in brief.On each left-hand page is a collection of nautical miscellany evoking the rich traditions of the sea.