Updating nexus credit card info

Instead of waiting in line for a customs officer, people in the Global Entry program can simply go up to an automated kiosk available in numerous major airports around the United States and complete a few simple steps to be allowed back into the country.Global Entry members enjoy shorter wait times and the benefits of TSA pre-check eligibility.Big Hat Tip to my friends After logging in, click the Update Documents link on the left hand side.As you can see, I was conditionally approved for Global Entry in 2013, I was approved by Global Entry in 2014, and my membership and Trusted Traveler Number (TSA Pre Check number) expires in 2019.How can I get my existing account balance transferred to my new card when I get a new NEXUS card?When you get a new NEXUS card the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission will transfer your account balance from your old card to your new card.

The program issues NEXUS identification cards to Canadians and Americans for entry into both Canada and the United States.If you experience a delay greater than 2 weeks, please contact the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission at U. No other single factor contributes more to tourism growth - indeed the export trade economy overall - than the NFBC's three monumental linkages of concrete and steel. If you are about to travel over Niagara's gorge, your vehicle will take one of about 7.2 million passages expected this year on NFBC bridges.Niagara Falls crossings rank second only to Kennedy International as the busiest port of entry between the U. Global Entry is a program run by the US Customs and Border Protection agency.By enrolling in the Global Entry program, frequent international travelers can significantly cut their wait times when they go through customs reentering the United States.